The power of self confidence

The power of self confidence

What would you do if you know you could not fail? Which great goal would you set for yourself? What beautiful things would you do with your life if you were guaranteed success in anything that you attempted? The power of self confidence is that it makes you unstoppable and I will explain why. 


Your thoughts are the most powerful forces in the universe, they are forming the world around you. Just as Shakespeare said: “Nothing is, but thinking makes it so.” … Now take a minute to let that sink in.

Your life is what you make it, your level of self-confidence determines the size of the goals you set and determines the focus and perseverance you focus on achieving them.

Self-confidence allows you to move away from your comfort zone and allows you to take risks without any guarantees.

Comfort zone

Why do people stay in their comfort zone?

Because we are all creatures of habit, we fear the unknown. These habits are getting more and more difficult to shed the older we get. People don’t like new concepts interfering with our view of the world. It is safe in our comfort zone and we know what to expect. Fear is what is holding you back into you comfort zone.

The good news is that people have an extraordinary potential for success, achievement and prosperity. The only thing standing between you and the life you are dreaming of is fear, all kinds of fear.


Nowadays we live in a climate fueled by fear. I experience it every day. If I say that I want to start my own business the first thing people say is: “Aren’t you afraid you are going to fail?” When I say I want to travel the world they ask if it is safe enough and tell me I should be careful.

The media manipulates fear to earn higher ratings with headlines such as: “Will the Corona Virus hit your neighborhood?” Politicians stir up fear to gain more votes and parents wield fear to their kids to prevent them from misbehaving. Fear is so deeply woven into our lives that it affects us every day.

The power of self confidence

How to conquer fear?

There is one important thing you should know, and that is that you are ALWAYS free to choose. Everything you are and everything you become is under your own control.

“ The high road to success is to act as if it were impossible to fail, and it shall be. “  – Dorothea Brande

You only learn to succeed by failing. No success is possible without failure. This is how we learn; we learn through our own mistakes. You have to be afraid and do it anyway. Make mistakes, learn from it, grow, and be proud of yourself. Failing is a way of learning to succeed.

You have to learn to control your mental attitude toward the concept of failing. If you are not failing you are not growing. Take the example of Abraham Lincoln, he was considered one of the great failures of the American politics. He lost his business, lover and was defeated for election over and over again. However, by learning from all this he won the final election and became one of the most important and respected presidents America ever had.

If there happens something unexpected or negative to you, take a moment and try to see the moment as an opportunity to grow. Do not allow yourself to feel negative, deliberately force yourself to substitute something positive.

Take responsibility

The next step is to take full control over your own conscious and subconscious mind. You have to accept complete responsibility for everything that you think, do and say. You are the one who is responsible for whatever happens to you. This might sound harsh but it is the truth and it will eventually set you free. You are the one who is responsible for the ups and downs of daily life.

“ No one can make you feel inferior without you consent.”  – Eleanor Roosevelt.

Real maturity is when you start to realize that no-one is coming to the rescue. When you start to accept total responsibility for your own life situation, with no excuses and no blaming others, you move into a mental position to make big decisions yourself and become completely independent.

Happiness is that what depends on ourselves.

A way of thinking

Your only limit is your mind. Your mindset is the most important factor in achieving self-confidence and achieving your goals. Everything in live starts with your mindset first and your actions second. Your actions follow your thoughts.

The most important thing is that you learn how to select your thoughts. You have to select your thoughts the same way you collect your clothes every day. This is a power you can cultivate yourself. If you wake up in the morning start with thinking what are you grateful for. This is practicing gratitude and it will help you to start your day in a positive vibe.

The power of self confidence

There is a law called: The law of concentration. It simply means that anything you think about for a long time grows in your reality. If you are always thinking of a green car, you will only see green cars on the road, if you only think about failure you will only fail. However, if you constantly think thoughts of happiness, succeeding, and becoming more courageous, you become these things. When you start to pay attention to thinking about the person you want to be, these thoughts become part of your ongoing evolution. What you habitually think about eventually becomes a part of your character and your personality.


Set high standards for yourself and live up to your expectations. Step outside your comfort zone with courage and confidence. Excel in all that you do, let success come easy to you. Be gratefull and make wise decisions. Stay focused on your vision and pursue your daily work with passion. Recognize every new challenge as a new opportunity and never stop growing. You got this.

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The power of self confidenceThe power of self confidence


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