Travel Guide Corfu

Travel Guide Corfu

Greek island of Corfu

As a travel blogger, you cannot really say that you are in love with a destination. But this unwritten rule I have to break for the island of Corfu, I really fell for this island. From the crystal clear blue water to the cozy and bustling Kerkyra town and from the tasty seafood to old monasteries on top of the mountains: Corfu island is definitely a recommended island to visit in Greece. These are my tips for a truly relaxing visit on the wonderful island.

1. Visit La Grotta Beach (Paleokastritsa)

La Grotta is located in one of the most beautiful locations of Corfu. After you have walked down a few stairs you will be surprised with a breathtaking view. The water is crystal clear alternating with beautiful rock formations. La Grotta is also equipped with a very nice bar where you can enjoy your cocktail with a beautiful view. Because this location is so beautiful, it is important to be there on time, when we visited the beach we were there most of the time around 9 o’clock.

2. Kerkyra city.

Kerkyra city is a cozy and bustling city. The city is wonderful to just walk around and take great pictures. There are many nice bars and restaurants to eat something and I did some great shopping there. It is also really easy to get to Kerkyra city, we stayed in Paleokastritsa and just took the local bus from there.
Because we were enjoying all the shops so much we ran out of time to see more of the city. I would definitely recommend spending a whole day here!

3. Explore the northern part of the island.

This one is easy to follow if you are on the island with your own transport. Then you can easily explore the beautiful beaches, bays, green outback and many abandoned houses. If you don’t have your own transport I would recommend to rent a car for a day. This can be easily done with your hotel or the company you are traveling with.

We did the last thing. We rented a car for one day and went seeing the northern part of the island. This was absolutely amazing! I couldn’t stop making pictures so make sure to bring your camera along because you are coming across some beautiful sceneries. We drove past the following sites:

  • Nisaki
  • Kassioppi
  • Gouvia
  • Dassia
  • Old perhitia

TIP: Try to stop at some abandoned houses alongside the road, they are so impressive!

4. Monastery of Paleokastritsa

On top of the 300m high peninsula is the Theotokos monastery. You can easily reach the monastery by foot and you will be rewarded with beautiful views of the blue water and mountains. The monastery is covered in beautiful flowers and it has lots of cats, it’s a very photogenetic place! It has a church, museum and garden and the entrance is free. After our visit we had a drink in the nearby café, and we just enjoyed the stunning view.


5. Nisaki beach

Nisaki beach is by far the best beach we visited in Corfu. It is a small beach where not much people will fit but the water is amazing and you will have it almost for yourself. We stopped here during our 1 day road trip but I wished we could have spend an entire day here. It is a very relaxing beach and there is also a nice little restaurant where you can have a drink or some food.

6. Old Perithia

During our road trip we came across this old town (which was not even planned) but I’m so happy we did. After a long trip through the mountains with beautiful views we arrived at this old village. We were amazed by the fact that this beautiful village is deserted, which also gave us some creepy feels. Wandering through the village we were surprised by beautiful old houses and lots of taverns where you can have a nice meal.

The story behind the abandoned village is very special. In the past people lived mainly on the coast, but in the time of the pirates, they fled into the country side. This village was hit by an infectious disease and the inhabitants were trapped inside the village. People were not allowed to leave the village anymore. So the village became a city with a church, school, police station etc. Years later, when nobody was sick / contagious anymore, people were allowed to leave the village again and slowly it became an abandoned village.

7. Rent a boat

The water of Corfu is an absolute dream and the beaches are amazing, there are lot’s of options and places where you can rent a boat or (if you don’t want to rent a boat) a waterbike of kajak. The west coast of Corfu and especially the coast around Paleokastritsa is a good reason to hire a boat and go on exploring, here you will find the most amazing beaches. It is a good way to escape the crowd an enjoy your own company.

8. Enjoy the lovely fish food

When it comes to food and dinner I always want the best but not the most expensive, I’m a real foodie lover but also a student. In Corfu I tried out as many restaurants as possible and I have 2 absolute favorites! Because I stayed in Paleokastritsa they are both located around that area. Make sure you try the Pastitsada – meat in red sauce with pasta

Il Pozzo (Paleokastritsa)
This restaurant is located on top of a mountain with stunning views over the bay of Paleokastritsa. It offers fresh and good quality food and the staff and owners are beyond friendly and funny.

Family taverna Nausika (Paleokastritsa)
Nausika is a very cosy and authentic restaurant with very good food. All the dishes are family recipies and freshly made. It is located alongside the mainroad of Paleokastritsa.

(Family Taverna Nausika)




  1. July 4, 2019 / 4:28 am

    Greece in the most beautiful country in entire Europe. I loved the people and nature. They are really friendly.
    I wish to go back again and again in Greece.

    • gypsyinsneakers
      July 8, 2019 / 12:43 pm

      I totally agree! Greece is so beautiful!

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