Greek island of Rhodes

Greek island of Rhodes

9 Best Things To Do In Rhodes, Greece

Greece, I just have a BIG soft spot for you… The incredible gorgeous Greek islands keep surprising me each time, the delicious Greek food has me addicted, the incredible welcoming people manage to make me smile each time and the spectacular views have me hooked. Mamma mia vibes all over the place!

The island of Rhodes is no different and may be my personal favorite island I have visited in Greece. There are so many incredible and mind-blowing things to do in Rhodes that you will be spoiled by choice.

Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese islands in the southern Aegean, the island has architecture that looks like nowhere else in Greece. Originating from Medieval times when the knights hospitaller wrapped the capital in impenetrable walls to protect the city from attacks by the Ottomans!

I collected the 9 best things to do in Rhodes so you can get your travel inspiration! Are you ready to discover Rhodes?

1. Historic Rhodes old town.

Declared a World Heritage city by UNESCO in 1988, the Old Town of Rhodes is the largest medieval city in the whole of Europe. And the number one thing to do in Rhodes! Now that is something right?

Nowadays, the lovely old town has a huge mix of Greek, Italian and Ottoman heritage that has shaped the town’s look and ambiance. Just imagine.. ancient churches and walls, charming narrow streets and medieval buildings combined with the most picturesque restaurants, bars and shops. This town has EVERYTHING!

9 best things to do in Rhodes, Greece 9 Best Things To Do In Rhodes, Greece


2. Walk along a large part of the old city walls

Rhodes is encircled by huge medieval walls. When you enter the city, you find yourself in a completely different world. It takes about an hour to walk alongside these impressive walls, you can start your walk at the Taverna To Kapilio Tou Gianni. For an hour you will walk alongside these beautiful walls which will leave you speechless and provide you with stunning views. However, make sure you will bring your own water as there are no shops. And this is no place for those with mobility issues or for young children to run free. (As there are steep drops in many places)

9 Best Things To Do In Rhodes, Greece 9 Best Things To Do In Rhodes, Greece

3. “Ghost” town Eleousa

While touring through the mountains of the island I accidently stumbled on the ghost town Eleousa, which I never heard of but WOW I am so glad I did!

Eleousa is a part of Italian Rhodes which has been abandoned for many years. It is located in the middle of the island tucked away in the mountains of Rhodes.

This village was built around 1935 by the Italians (Campochiaro was its original name) and loggers from northern Italy settled here. The town offers such pure country air and purling sounds of running waters. Nowadays all buildings of the former Italian village center – with the exception of the church – are empty (including a beautiful sanatorium!). The place has only 250 residents and offers a fairly desolate sight. It is definitely a must do when in Rhodes but keep this between us, because not many people know!!

9 Best Things To Do In Rhodes, Greece

4. Lindos town and Acropolis

The acropolis of Lindos is one of the best places to experience some of that Greek history! After you spend a little time in Lindos Village you can follow the road that leads up the 116-metre high rock to see the breathtaking Acropolis and the incredible view. It truly feels like you’ve stepped back in time. But it can be pretty busy in the summer months, so a big tip: Try to avoid the crowds and go there early in the morning or around 1 o’clock (then it is too hot for most of the people) and go there by yourself and not with an organized tour.

9 Best Things To Do In Rhodes, Greece(Tip: Do not ride these donkeys, they have to work each day and it is okay for little kids to ride them, but not for grown adults..)

TipLindos town can be quite busy, if you want to escape the crowd and enjoy some beautiful views, you have to go to Rainbird bar! This bar is a beautiful gem with a relaxed atmosphere and a beautiful view over the bay of Lindos!

5. Sunbathe on Elli beach

Elli beach is just this big perfect beach for sunbathing and have a good swim. There are lots of sunbeds and umbrellas for rent along with tavernas on the beach front and there is almost no wind! It is one of the best beaches in Rhodes and it is also the closest one to Rhodes town.

6. Lindos beach

If you are in Lindos you definitely have to visit Lindos beach as well. This beach offers some great views of the white city of Lindos and the ancient Acropolis combined with crystal clear water.

7. Kamiros

Kamiros is a well preserved beautiful ancient city located 36 kilometers from Rhodes city. The remains that can be seen today in Kamiros, are those of the city that was reconstructed in Hellenistic times in 226 BC, after a catastrophic earthquake. Previously the city existed since the Archaic era. Sounds amazing right? Well it is! Walking though Kamiros gives you an ancient feeling and allows you to see how people lived in the Hellenistic times!

9 Best Things To Do In Rhodes, Greece

8. Anthony Quinn beach

This beach is named after the iconic actor, Anthony Quinn Beach is a quiet and serene getaway in Rhodes. It has turquoise blue water and a small shady pebble beach.

9. St. Paul’s bay beach

While the main beach in Lindos is wonderful, you will find St. Pauls Bay (also known as: Agios Pavlos beach) a lot more peaceful away from the crowds. It is located just south of Lindos and is the perfect location to relax and enjoy the magnificent views.









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